Website Maintenance

We are your dedicated team of professionals!

What’s included with our website maintenance service: 

• Uptime verification: ensure the website is up and running.
• Create daily backups.
• Comment Moderation
• Update WordPress along with plugins and active templates.
• 24/7 website monitoring
• Malware Scan: Scan website for any infected files or malware.
• Delete unnecessary files
• Identify broken links
• Optimize the database
• Performance scan

Any car owner knows the importance of routine maintenance, the same concept applies to your website. Ensuring that your plugins, themes, and environments are all up to date is crucial to the health of your website. When your website is not maintained on a consistent basis you leave your information vulnerable to hackers and unsolicited attacks. If you have an e-commerce store that is not maintained appropriately you risk data loss and theft of your customer’s information.

Webganics website maintenance services are ongoing services running on a weekly schedule. Our service runs in the background and will never hinder your website’s performance but will improve it.

Benefits of hiring our dedicated team




Forward thinking



Cost effective

Transparent & honest


Our website maintanence services are for personal and commercial clients. There is no project too small or too large for us to take on.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get a project started.